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Dog Bathing

Does your pooch smell like p... I mean.. bad.

Dog Bathing  - What is included:

  • Full Professional Bath using the Pro pet washer system. 

    • Initial Rinse with light brushing to help eliminate loose fur.​

    • Initial Shampoo and scrub using Davis Veterinary Products.

    • Tearless Face wash.

    • Rinse using high volume low pressure spray to massage the skin and and coat.

  • Towel Dry​

  • High Velocity Blow Dry

    • high-velocity dryers make use of air pressure to penetrate thick coats and remove water and loose fur efficiently.​

    • It's used to dry the sensitive areas of the dog, unlike traditional air dryers.

    • Blows a powerful stream of air that removes shedding coats, mats, and tangles while leaving a beautiful fluff that is easier to maintain.

  • Light touch up trim

  • Sanitary Trim

  • Ear Cleaning

  • Paw Pad Shave and Clean

  • Nail Trim - Filing for an additional $5

  • Final Brush and Fluff

  • Light Fragrance (with your approval)

  • Tasty Treat on pickup (with your approval)


Small Dogs $35+

Medium Dogs $45+

Large Dogs $55+

Prices will vary based on breed, size of dog, temperament, length and condition of coat. Price quoted does not include dematting or deshedding services.


(239) 540-1513

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