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What do I do if my dog is severely matted?

If your dog has knots that are tight and close to the skin, avoid getting him/her wet. Do your best to avoid rain, allowing the dog to jump in lakes or pools, and rolling around in muddy water. This will worsen the problem. Dematting severely matted coats is a painful and tedious process for the dog and the grooming staff. The most comfortable solution may be an all-over shave. Don’t worry! It’s hair and it WILL grow back. Afterwards, you can do your best to brush your pup on a regular basis to avoid the situation from happening again.

At what age should my puppy start coming in for grooming?

Puppies are ready to get their first bath and clean up at approximately 14 weeks. Once you have taken your puppy to the vet for their round of shots, you should start thinking about bringing them in for their grooming experience. The earlier on your puppy has a chance to familiarize themselves with the groomer and grooming salon, the more comfortable they will feel! Ask about our puppy introduction package.

How long does a grooming appointment take?

Grooming times vary by breed, tempermant and service provided. Some dogs can take 1.5-2 hours to complete their grooming, while other dogs can take 3-4 hours. The grooming time varies based on the size of the dog, breed, age, and condition of the dog’s coat. Once your dog is finished being pampered, we call you.

How often should I get my dog groomed?

If you want to maintain a long, luscious coat on your pup, we recommend at home brushing as often as possible in addition to a visit to our grooming salon every two to four  weeks. If you are looking to maintain cleanliness and same length overall, your dog may visit us once every four to six weeks. Baths and nail trimmings at our salon are recommended as normally once every 4 to six weeks.

Do I need an appointment?

We recommend booking an appointment at least several days in advance to ensure an appropriate amount of time at the groomers. Walk-ins may experience longer grooming times if you arrive without an appointment. We do our best to accommodate everyone!

How do you handle nervous or anxious dogs?

We have staff with over 50 years of combined experience. Our groomer is a “dog whisperer” and is skilled at handling nervous and anxious dogs. It takes some time and patience, but we work with nervous pups all the time. We do our best to make any anxious dog feel comfortable by providing a caring and calm environment. If your dog is happy, we are happy!

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